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Braided flexible solutions
Our company offers up to four series of flexible metallic hoses which offers flexibility from low to high pressure applications. Our hose assemblies will solve many problems related to noise and vibration. These flexible components are designed to enhance the overall performance of a piping system. Our flexible hose solutions will extend the life of your mechanical equipment by reducing the stresses that may reduce the life of your equipment. Our vibration reducers are found on equipments such as: pump connectors, compressors and for exhaust applications. The stainless steel annular corrugated tube with stainless steel braided wire allows for excellent flexibility and corrosion resistance. In certain applications the hose is provided without the braided cover.


Our flexible metallic hoses offer solutions in many different applications. They are intended for low and extremely high pressure applications at various temperatures. Our flexible hose solutions are used extensively in the Gas industry and in Cryogenic applications and are ideal for eliminating misalignment on connecting equipment. They are applied in the Chemical industry, Food processing, Vacuum engineering, compensating for thermal expansion or elevation movements and for Seismic conditions. Each hose assembly is customized to the required length and desired end configuration to meet your specific application.
chemical and gas applications
Our smooth bore RST100 and convoluted RST200 hoses have a PTFE inner core with stainless steel wire braid re-enforcement.The convoluted hose allows for a tighter bend radius than the smooth bore PTFE lined hose. These hoses are designed for a large range of chemicals at high pressures and temperatures between –65ºF to 450ºF. The smooth bore hose is also used.
advantage          Solutions
• Greater flexure without fatigue
• Increased temperature
capacity of media
• Longer service life
• Corrosion resistance
• Reduction in pipe stress
due to minor misalignment and pressure variations
• Greater capacity
for pressure
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