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Market Applications
Ship Building and Repairs
• Propulsion exhaust system piping
• Cargo vessel or Barge product transfer    piping
Power Generation Market
• Coal pulverizer
• Extraction steam piping
• Gas turbine exhaust
• HRSG piping system
• Boiler feed pump
• Steam distribution heating system
OEM Engines
• Diesel engine exhaust
• Natural gas engine exhaust
• Air inlet and exhaust manifold    component assemblies
Petrochemical / Refinery
• FCC Regenerator piping
• CCR piping
• Energy (Heat) Recovery Train
• Expander turbine inlet & outlet    connection
metallic bellows
REVTECH SOLUTIONS provides a wide range of custom designed metallic bellows
expansion joints to meet all our customer requirements. Our customers will benefit from our well designed bellows which will provide a longer service life under extreme service conditions. Our standard metallic bellows are manufactured from SS 321 sheet but are also available in other alloys depending on the application. Our design team will provide the right design suitable to your application.
single bellows
Our thin wall single flex metallic bellows assembly model SB are designed to achieve moderate to large thermal expansion in various piping applications. They are custom designed to accommodate for misalignments and provide vibration dampening under many different service conditions. Our single flex bellows will allow movement
in any direction or plane provided that the piping system is guided in the same direction of movement. The single flex design is the most economical and with end connections to mate with existing equipment. Our bellows range in size from 3” NPS to 60” NPS.
dual bellows
Our universal expansion joint model DB consists of two bellows separated by a spool or pipe section. This expansion joint type is ideal to compensate for small to moderate movements in any direction and is ideal for large lateral deflections due to thermal expansion or misalignment of the piping system. When the universal expansion joint is supplied with tie-rods, this design will allow for pure lateral deflections and retraining of the pressure thrust forces.
externally          pressurized          bellow
The externally pressurized bellows expansion joint is used where large amount of axial movements is encountered at high pressures. This type of expansion joint is designed to prevent squirming of the bellows due to the high pressures and large amount of axial deflection. The Bellows in this design is enclosed in a shroud with the pressure fluid acting on
the external diameter of the bellows. The design may employ a single bellow or a double bellows design depending on the amount of axial movement being considered. Our externally pressurized expansion joints are available in 3” NPS, 6” NPS, 8” NPS and 14” NPS.
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