FL Series

Light Weight Flat Hose

sewn construction, insulated

R.V 2.5 ft 2o F-h/BTU in SI

FD Series

Lay Flat Hose

linear welded construction, heavily insulated

R.V 3.8 ft 2o F-h/BTU in SI when inflated.

FL Series

Flat Spiral Lightweight Hose

sewn construction available with or without insulation.

R.V 2.3 ft 2o F-h/BTU in SI

All our PCA Hoses come in all standard sizes and cuffs of your choice.

RD Series

Rigid Duct, insulated or non insulated, with wear strip, sewn or welded construction are available.

Insulated sewn construction

R.V 3.1 ft 2o F-h/BTU in SI

non insulated

R.V 1.9 ft 2o F-h/BTU in SI

RX Series (Insulated Rigid Duct)

Rigid Duct is a heavily insulated, long lasting hose installed under jet Bridges, Come with a 6" or 2" pitch.

R.V 4.7 ft 2o F-h/BTU in SI

Hose Hanger sling

PVC vinly slings eliminate kinks and air restriction when suspending Rigid PCA Hose under a jet bridge. Our hose hanger sling is removable and easy to install. Standard size is 14", Custom sizes are available.

Conversion Section or Starter Section

Reducer from 8" diameter to 14" diameter in straight, 450 or 900 curves to eliminate kinking.

PCA Material Specifications:

    • Outer jacket is OZ PVC coated polyester.
    • RM6300 Fibramat Insulation.
    • PVC Film laminated to inside wire scrim, spring steel coil.
    • Heavy weight Velcro & Zippers.
    • Passes California Fire Code.

All of our products are manufactured in the USA.

Rx Series


Rigid Duct

Double Insulated with no wear strips


Inner Layer:

Outer Layer:


Wear Strip:


14oz. PVC laminated polyester

18oz. PVC coated Polyester

2" thick RM6300 fiber


Spring Steel, Pitch: 1.5" (Length Limit of 12")

Spring Steel, Pitch: 4.0" (Length Limit of 25")

Spring Steel, Pitch: 6.0" (Length Limit of 30")


The Wire Body is wrapped in 18 oz. PVC Coated Polyester Jacket, laminated with a 2″ thick RM6300 Fiber. The inner layer is 14 oz. laminated polyester. There are three Different pitch options available: 1.5″, 4″ & 6″ spring steel wire.

1" or 2" thick Fibramat

RM6300 Fiber is a unique construction of 100% non-woven polyester fibers with Excellent thermal and acoustical properties. Fibramat has no noticeable odor And will not provide sustenance for mold growth.

Color: White

Weight: 0.67 osf

Thickness: 2″ (.125″ + .25″)

Density: 1.00lb/ft 3 @ 1″

R-value: 5.465 @ 2″ for the entire house unit

Flammability: UL 94 HF1 (Pass), UL File# E226545, UL 94 HR1 certified

The insulated outer layer is wrapped around the wire body, permanently closed with a 2″ Velcro strip and  a 1.5″ wide adhesive closure.